Se Déploie




47/27/19 cm. Pivote sur le socle

Année de création : 2005

Every piece in Bronze (Bronze Grand Format)

Every piece in bronze has a serial number and is identified with a certificate of origin.

They have been cast by two foundries, one Swiss: the Fonderie d’Art Geya and one French: the Fonderie d’Art Barthélémy.

Certain pieces are unique while others form part of a small series, limited in number by me.

Some bronzes shown are no longer available.

Steps in making a bronze sculpture by the “lost wax” process:

  • • The original is made in clay, plaster or directly in wax.
  • A mould of the original is then made in elastomer, which is used to make one or more wax copies. These are each enclosed in refractory clay and heated to bake the clay and allow the wax to flow out. Finally, molten bronze can be poured into these emptied refractory clay moulds.
  • • Each resulting bronze copy is then cleaned, worked and polished depending on the needs of each piece.
  • • The final step is to add a patina if desired: the polished bronze is heated and a choice of acids is applied, giving a range of possible colours. The final result is never quite predictable.
  • • Thus even members of a series can be considered essentially unique.

Bronze large size : 13 sculptures

  • Vers-le Ciel : 45/20/16 cm. Swivels on the base..
  • Se Déploie : 47/27/19 cm. Swivels on the base.
  • Abbracciamento : 32/19/19 cm.
  • Gardienne du Devenir : 30/25/20 cm.
  • Aérienne : 22/13.5/9 cm.
  • Présence : 26/18/19 cm.
  • 60 secondes de Miel : 23/20/12 cm.
  • Déferlante :29/35/13 cm.
  • Confi-danse : 20/16/16 cm
  • Vortex :17/14/8 cm.

  • Vitalité : 30/10/10 cm.
  • Mère et Enfant : 12/17/12cm.
  • Salutation : 48/21/10 cm. Unique piece according to traditional artisanal cast iron.


Suissesse, née à Lausanne en 1949. Vit et travaille à Founex (Vaud).
En commençant mon travail, ma motivation, ainsi que le plaisir que j’éprouve, sont liés à un processus de découverte et de recherche intuitive.