Marble’s purity requires a decisive approach, making the ancient sparkling crystals leap out. Bringing me as close as possible to my creativity


A piece in clay, becoming a bronze, develops a powerful presence during this alchemy. A patina can add more life and gentler surface tones.


This material is particularly interesting to work with due to its transparency.

Blue Spanish alabaster can be very dense.


I’m fascinated by the variety of colours of soapstone. Afile is the preferred tool as it protects the fragility of each successive layer.


By chance, during visits and walks, a piece of stone can attract me and capture my attention.
What am I going to do with it?
It tempts me to
clean it, scrape it, and cut it to reveal some of its secrets.


As I am also a calligrapher, the idea came naturally to sculpt letters in 3 dimensions, playing with various materials and their precise shapes.