Christiane SEGAL
Understand and discover my journey

Sculptural forms have always caught my eye.

Since 1988, I have been creating abstract or figurative pieces in clay, and later in bronze and stone.

One by one, my sculptures lead me on a path of creation, rich in joy, questions, rigorous training and exciting internal and external challenges.

Beginning a sculpture, my motivation and the pleasure I obtain are linked to a process of discovery and intuitive search.

I don’t know what will emerge, as this is not reproducing a preconceived form, or following a specific idea. It is guessing a path through a shapeless material, wandering so that a structure emerges, advancing towards a form between solids and void, shadows and light.
Dreaming and interpretation are the essence of the emotion I feel while unveiling little by little the surface and heart of a stone.

Technical mastery must guide the gesture that shapes, the hand that cuts, grinds, chisels, polishes, and the eye that watches, assesses and makes changes.

I especially like abstract or semi-figurative forms, punctuated by curves and powerful lines, tight, flowing, letting the light slip over.

In contrast, some raw material where a part is left showing its tool marks, allows us into its depths, thanks to the play of shadows it produces.

The variety of stones, the palette of colours and nuances, is also a source of inspiration.

I feel a sort of completion in my work and my artistic expression when the lines become so natural that a hand wants to caress them and the heart is touched.

Free expression hoping for an equally free and intimate reaction from the viewer.