Biography and artistic experience:

Swiss citizen, born in Lausanne in 1949.
Lives and works in Founex (Vaud).
Began sculpture in1988.
Work and studies both basically self-directed.
Devoted myself full-time to sculpture since 2001.
Meetings and courses with other artists:
- Course at the Germinal sculpture workshop in Rolle, with the artist Jacques Walther (1988-89).
- Course on marble cutting in Carrara, at Arco Arte workshop, with the sculptor Boutros Romhein (2000).
- 1st Sculpture Symposium at the Geya art foundry, at Ogens, with sculptor and foundryman Albert Gyorgy (2000).
- Course on early traditional foundry technique with Richard Baker (2005).
- Course on stone cutting with Jo Fontaine, sculptor, at Soral (2005).
- Course on glass-foundry sculpture with Adela Pusztaszeri, (2007).
- Introductory courses on calligraphy with Shinta Zenker (since 2007).
- Participation in the art competition of the Edouard-Maurice Sandoz Foundation, (2005).
My feeling for shapes and volumes slowly led me to the need of developing my own spatial language.
Its basic drive, and the pleasure that goes with it, are linked to the creation process as much as to arriving at a final result.
Rather than reproducing an existing shape or idea, this allows exploration of the material so that a spatial form emerges. This approach leads me towards surprise, questioning, dreaming, movement, enthusiasm… and slowly the form starts to live, mixing its autonomy with my sensitivity.
Basically it resembles a dance, a continual exchange between matter and feelings, between observation and instinct, and between intention and letting things happen.
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The stone pieces, unique examples, which are marked with a * are available for sale.
The bronzes can be cast in several examples, from 4 to 8 depending on which one, plus the E.A.